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About Famlisearch

The purpose of FAMLISearch is to provide a gateway to the Internet that includes all the useful information, and communication, and personal networking, without the dark underside.

We are not naive people. We know there are a lot of people who actively go looking for the back-alleys of the Web. If that's really what they want out of life, they already have places they can go. FAMLISearch is for the rest of us.

Unfortunately, the main search engines aren't doing enough to prevent the dark underside of the world from penetrating people's lives. They have no filtering of their web results by default (though some call no filtering "moderate safesearch"), so even if you enable filtering at home (which most people don't know how to do), your kids are going to use that search engine in it's normal state everywhere else. The main search engines also call basic porn filtering "Strict", which has negative connotations, dissuading people from enabling it. And on top of those things, the porn filtering doesn't even work! Even with "strict" filtering enabled, sites come up that have "porn" even in the domain name, and very explicit descriptions that would be banned even on permissive network television. As Internet professionals, we know that it would be easy to filter out those results, while leaving all the good stuff. Clearly someone has made a choice not to do that.

We do our best at FAMLISearch to take the a combination of the good results from the top search engines, and filter out the bad, giving you all the benefits of the Internet, without causing you and your family to be desensitized to things that would have been considered completely outside of family viewing not 15 years ago.

We think that by combining the rankings of the top engines in a unique way, our results are actually more relevant than the results you would otherwise get.

We hope you find FAMLISearch useful!

Some examples submitted by users:

A search for:
buy naseptin
(naseptin is an antibiotic nasal cream)

In September 2009 the 5th result from Bing included pedophilia.
(November 2009 update: thankfully that result seems to have been removed now.)

(NB: that was WITH Bing's "strict safesearch" on.
Should our children be exposed to pedophilia by searching for such innocuous terms?)

Famlisearch blocked that result, but kept all the good results.

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